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Jim's for Jobs

Jim Ananich is fighting to make sure everyone has the opportunity to work for the middle class dream. That means supporting a highly skilled workforce, giving tax breaks to people who earn a paycheck, and investing in safe communities to help create jobs.

Tax Breaks for Michigan Families and Small Businesses

We must repeal job-killing tax hikes on seniors and the middle-class, while we provide incentives for small businesses who hire veterans and the unemployed. Ending tax giveaways to companies that ship our jobs overseas and giving tax relief to families struggling with child care will also improve our economy.

Safer Neighborhoods

Jim has a plan to put more police on our streets and put dangerous criminals behind bars. His work to stop scrap metal theft and keep harmful drugs away from our kids will make Genesee County a better place to operate a business and raise a family.

Strong Schools

As a teacher, Jim knows we must stop shortchanging students to line pockets of CEOs and bailed out banks. He’s working to make higher education affordable for families, so they can compete with workers anywhere in the world.

Fixing a broken system

Jim understands that we have a lot of work to do to restore people's faith in elected officials and their government. He believes that starts with leading by example. While he was on City Council, he refused the usual perks and even cut his own pay. In Lansing, he voted to finally end the lifetime benefits for lawmakers and saved taxpayer dollars by reducing spending in his own office budget.

He knows there is much more work to be done and has championed efforts to require financial disclosure for candidates and office holders, as well as increase transparency for campaign finances.